Save Money (& Get Higher Quality) on Men’s and Women’s Diamond Jewelry

Welcome to Anthony Alexander Diamonds, where our deep knowledge of diamond jewelry distinguishes us from our competition. Our clientele ranges from those embarking on their first diamond purchase to avid collectors in search of the ideal piece. We’re committed to providing outstanding value, enabling our clients to save money on diamond jewelry without compromising on quality. This commitment drives our approach to serving customers in search of everything from engagement rings to professional second opinions on potential purchases.

In the heart of Wilmette, Illinois lies a blend of rich cultural history and stunning natural beauty. With a population exceeding 27,000, Wilmette’s proximity to Lake Michigan’s scenic coastline adds to its charm, while its thriving downtown area, filled with unique shops and restaurants, provides a vibrant backdrop for local life. It’s in this lively setting that we offer our specialized services, striving to enhance the local jewelry scene with our exceptional offerings.

Our aim in serving Wilmette and the surrounding areas is to continually help our clients discover ways to save money on diamond jewelry. As a direct diamond broker, we offer an alternative to the traditional jewelry store shopping experience, providing higher quality items at more accessible prices. Our dedication to value extends beyond the initial purchase, ensuring a level of quality and service that lasts over time. At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, every piece we sell, whether lab-grown or natural diamonds, comes with a guarantee of certified quality, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in Wilmette and beyond. We pledge not only to sell jewelry but to craft lasting treasures that represent both beauty and value, making every acquisition from Anthony Alexander Diamonds a timeless investment.

Contact us today or give us a call at (815) 580-8056 and we can provide you with a quote over the phone.  We’ll even provide you with a certificate of the price so that you can shop it out with the competition.  

Most jewelers will not offer phone quotes because they want you in-store.  We’re not a typical jewelry store, but instead a diamond broker.  Therefore, we don’t play those games.

Wilmette Save Money On Diamond Jewelry