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Anthony Alexander Diamonds proudly services the Bartlett area and beyond, meeting the needs of a diverse clientele seeking everything from exquisite engagement rings to other incredible jewelry pieces. If you’re questioning why you’d want to pay extra at traditional jewelry stores, remember that we stand out as the only diamond broker in Northern Illinois that’s open to the public. At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, we are dedicated to helping you save money on diamond jewelry, ensuring value and quality with every purchase.

Bartlett, Illinois is a vibrant village boasting a population of over 41,000 residents. Known for its community-oriented spirit and scenic parks, Bartlett offers locals and visitors alike a charming and hospitable environment. Key attractions include the Bartlett Depot Museum, which highlights the rich history of the area, and the extensive park district that provides recreational opportunities for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Bartlett’s commitment to maintaining a lively and engaged community makes it an ideal place for family life and cultural exploration.

In Bartlett and surrounding areas, Anthony Alexander Diamonds is recognized for exceptional quality and unbeatable prices. We guarantee higher quality jewelry at lower prices, a promise that sets us apart from conventional jewelers. If you’re looking to save money on diamond jewelry, consider us your go-to diamond broker. By choosing Anthony Alexander Diamonds, you’re not just buying a piece of jewelry; you’re investing in a treasure that will last for generations. Contact us today for a personalized quote and experience the difference of buying directly from a broker. We ensure that every client receives the utmost care and the best value, redefining the luxury buying experience while keeping your budget in mind.

Contact us today or give us a call at (815) 580-8056 and we can provide you with a quote over the phone.  We’ll even provide you with a certificate of the price so that you can shop it out with the competition.  

Most jewelers will not offer phone quotes because they want you in-store.  We’re not a typical jewelry store, but instead a diamond broker.  Therefore, we don’t play those games.

Bartlett Save Money On Diamond Jewelry