Save Money (& Get Higher Quality) on Men’s and Women’s Diamond Jewelry 

At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for anyone looking to save money on diamond jewelry. Our diverse clientele ranges from individuals seeking timeless pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands to those in need of expert inspections and second opinions. As the only diamond broker in Northern Illinois open to the public, we offer an exceptional opportunity to purchase directly from a broker, thus significantly cutting the typical jewelry store markup and ensuring our clients save money on diamond jewelry.

Northbrook, Illinois is a thriving community with a population of over 33,000 residents. Known for its high quality of life and picturesque settings, Northbrook is more than just a suburban area; it’s a place rich with landmarks such as the Northbrook Court shopping mall and the historic Village Green Park. Its strategic location near major highways not only makes it accessible but also a bustling hub for commerce and community life. These characteristics enhance Northbrook’s appeal and also solidify our commitment to providing localized, relevant services to the community and beyond.

In Northbrook and the surrounding regions, Anthony Alexander Diamonds is synonymous with trust and quality. We are dedicated to servicing this vibrant area by offering top-quality diamonds without the retail markup, ensuring our customers save money on diamond jewelry each time. It’s important to note that while 19% of diamond purchases are now made online for cost and convenience, many buyers end up with products that don’t meet their expectations. At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, we address this issue by guaranteeing the quality and clarity of all our pieces. As we continue to service Northbrook and beyond, we are committed to maintaining our reputation for offering exceptional value and expert service in the diamond industry.

Contact us today or give us a call at (815) 580-8056 and we can provide you with a quote over the phone.  We’ll even provide you with a certificate of the price so that you can shop it out with the competition. 

Most jewelers will not offer phone quotes because they want you in-store.  We’re not a typical jewelry store, but instead a diamond broker.  Therefore, we don’t play those games.

Northbrook Save Money On Diamond Jewelry