At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, we encourage you to shop jewelry for the best price. However, where you shop for the best price is where you need to be careful!

Approximately 19% of diamond purchases are now done online strictly because of price and convenience, and in most cases, the purchaser is over promised and under delivered. We see real life examples of these SCAMS all the time, and it is extremely unfortunate.

You cannot fully trust the person selling an engagement ring on Craigslist or Ebay. People also fall into the trap of purchasing expensive jewelry at a supposedly steep discount through Groupon and other discount websites.

If you found a piece of jewelry online or on social media, then call us to schedule an appointment. We will give you a FREE second opinion on the jewelry, and also see if we can beat the deal by offering better quality for a lower price. You will then have the comfort of buying the jewelry from an established local business.

Why do we offer FREE second opinions? It is because we believe in TOTAL DISCLOSURE.

When you purchase from Anthony Alexander Diamonds, you will receive exactly what you are promised. Our word is our bond, and we would not sacrifice it for any amount of profit. If you are looking for a trustworthy jeweler, then you have found them!


Most jewelers can only offer 2 out of those 3 characteristics. At Anthony Alexander Diamonds, we do all 3. That is our promise to you…

You may call us 24/7, but we are open by appointment only. Please call 815.580.8056.