A Different Way to Buy a Diamond...

The average consumer purchases their jewelry (whether inexpensive jewelry or even their most expensive jewelry) from the jeweler at the mall, the jeweler that they see on TV, or even from a jeweler on the Internet. These places markup their jewelry just so they can mark it down with advertised sales, etc.

In those scenarios, we can almost promise you that you are still going to OVERPAY for that jewelry, or possibly even receive less than promised . The reason being is because those jewelers have sales people, employee benefits, a corporate infrastructure, and/or location overhead that significantly raises their prices.

What if you were given the opportunity to buy diamond jewelry directly from the broker, and essentially eliminate the massive overhead on the jewelry that you wish to purchase?

This opportunity exists at Anthony Alexander Diamonds. We are the only diamond broker in Northern Illinois that is open to the public. We have over 40 years of diamond expertise.

We believe that with your purchase, we are making your dreams come true by providing you with not only the absolute best pricing (which we guarantee), but also exceptional quality in service and craftsmanship.

It is an honor and privilege to provide you with personal attention in a private and relaxed
atmosphere. Our lifetime commitment to you is not only about your purchase, but about your satisfaction with Anthony Alexander Diamonds. Your forthcoming purchase will not only stand the test of time, but may also develop into a treasured family heirloom.

You may call us 24/7, but we are open by appointment only. Please call 815.580.8056.